Starlings, Little Stars and Omission in Translation: Denise Van Moppès

Denise Van Moppès in the newspaper L’Intransigeant, 1932 Photo from RetroNews, BNF, France (see here). As our database begins to come together, one of the most exciting prospects is to see the prominence and visibility of translators. Some names recur again and again, across journals and languages and I have been exploring some of these inContinue reading “Starlings, Little Stars and Omission in Translation: Denise Van Moppès”

The Matter of Europe – Two Perspectives on the First SpaTrEM Workshop

Selina Miltner: Magazines and journals come in various shapes and designs, and represent a wide range of different (political) opinions, world views and manifestos. On closer inspection, an investigation of the ‘behind the scenes’ processes like editing and publishing enables us to comprehend better how a journal positions itself with regard to its readership. InContinue reading “The Matter of Europe – Two Perspectives on the First SpaTrEM Workshop”

Der Monat, Encounter and Preuves

As part of the SpaTrEM project I have been considering the relations between three magazines with interconnected agendas and interwoven geographies: the English-language magazine Encounter, founded in London in 1953 and edited initially by Stephen Spender and Irving Kristol; Der Monat, a German magazine begun in Berlin in 1948 under the editorship of the AmericanContinue reading “Der Monat, Encounter and Preuves”


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