Exhibition in Germersheim (06.05.-19.06.)

As part of our research project as well as a teaching project at the English Department of the Johannes Gutenberg Universität-Mainz/Germersheim, a bilingual Anglo-German exhibition will open its doors in Germersheim next week. Our exhibition uses literary and cultural magazines from Britain, France and Germany to consider how, through translation, notions of European identity wereContinue reading “Exhibition in Germersheim (06.05.-19.06.)”

Working on Arena and Encounter

My role as part of the SpaTrEM project has been to research and document further information about the contributors and translators of two English-language magazines published in Britain. The first was Arena, founded and edited by Jack Lindsay, John Davenport and Randall Swinger, and the second was Encounter, which begin in London in 1953 and was initially editedContinue reading “Working on Arena and Encounter”

International Cultural Exchange in Occupied West Germany

A key aspect we address in our tripartite project, which focuses on cultural exchange through translation between French-, German- and English-language journals, is how cultures reconnect with each other after periods of conflict. At the end of the Second World War, Western Germany was occupied by the French, British and Americans, who belonged to theContinue reading “International Cultural Exchange in Occupied West Germany”

A Platform for Open-Mindedness: On Interculturalism, Languages and Translation in ‘Merkur’

Merkur [Mercury] is a cultural journal that was founded 75 years ago, in 1947, and still exists today. For many years, it was also called the ‘German Journal for European Ideas’. According to Merkur, its main goal was to publish works on topics within the broad field of culture. This included connecting nations, disciplines, ideologies,Continue reading “A Platform for Open-Mindedness: On Interculturalism, Languages and Translation in ‘Merkur’”


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