Between the pages. Thoughts on materials found in Der Monat

When considering the materiality of the magazines we’re working with, aspects like preservation, paper quality and its supply or even changes in its format come into focus. But during the process of entering the different periodicals into our database, another aspect of materiality stood out to me. Especially while flipping through Der Monat, I cameContinue reading “Between the pages. Thoughts on materials found in Der Monat”

Where is Europe? Edmond Charlot, L’Arche and a Mediterranean Europe

Where is Europe? In trying to think about the different ways translation transformed ideas of Europe in the post-war period, we also seem to often face questions around the physical and historical location of Europe. How far north, south, east and west does it expand itself and from where does it begin? Who is inContinue reading “Where is Europe? Edmond Charlot, L’Arche and a Mediterranean Europe”

Exhibition Opening at Weißenburger Tor, Germersheim

The opening of the exhibition Spaces of Translation in European Magazine Cultures 1945-65 was held on May 6th, 2022, at the Germersheim Tourism, Culture and Visitor Centre Weißenburger Tor and followed by a champagne reception. In his address, the Mayor of Germersheim Marcus Schaile emphasised how delighted he was about the contribution the faculty forContinue reading “Exhibition Opening at Weißenburger Tor, Germersheim”


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