Tis the Season

Instead of simply ending the year with season’s greetings on our blog, we had a quick look through our corpus of periodicals and found a couple of ways in which Christmas manifested itself in the magazines.

First of, the English magazine Encounter uses the time of gift giving to remind its readers in these ads from 1962 and 1956 that the magazine itself might be the best gift their friends and family could ask for:

The French magazine Preuves seems to be a little less self promoting – at least in this ad from 1958:

And finally, in the category of ‘Christmas on the Cover’, we found two German magazines that featured Christmas-themed illustrations on their front pages:

While a key component of Karussell (here pictured: the issue from December 1946) has always been the magazine’s visual design, the cover image was a late addition to Neue Auslese (here pictured: the issue from December 1949), a magazine that went through several redesigns in its later years. Since both magazines chose angels as their cover models, we thought they could be our messengers too:

Happy Holidays!

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